Deadpool’s Wildly Unpredictable Ad Campaign Finds Time for a Testicular Cancer PSA

Movie marketing for your family jewels

In this quirky PSA, Deadpool tells you to tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber-crazy. Still don't get it? He can be clearer: Touch yourself tonight. 

Deadpool took a moment out of his busy movie marketing promo schedule (involving holding beauty pageants, making fun of Australians, and running for El Presidente) to give men a fireside chat about an issue so critical it affects even himself: testicular cancer. 

The film is out Feb. 12, so the marketing has hit full swing. What's surprising is how scattershot, tongue-in-cheek, and meta it all is. There is essentially no difference between the fourth-wall-breaking character of Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays him (that's why half of the collateral is released as much on Reynolds' social pages as on the actual movie pages). Of course, the strategy fits the character of Deadpool perfectly, but there's still this feeling of Are they really going to do that with their marketing dollars?

Yes, apparently. Case in point: This PSA for the most common cancer in males 15-35 (basically the people who'll be sitting around us during the Deadpool premiere). Deadpool actually caring about the health and well-being of his audience is the last thing you'd expect … which is why it's perfect.

Is it movie marketing? is it a PSA? Is it both? Have they decided that cause marketing is the only way to get Facebook shares? What is even happening?

Who cares? Enjoy the testicle puns, check your spuds, and check out the follow-up video below, made just for the ladies. 

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.