Dead Bees Try to Help the Remaining Live Ones in British Ads

Imagine, if you would, a world without bees. Nobody gets stung. Pretty sweet, huh? Like honey, I'd say. Alas, there's a cutesy campaign in the U.K. from ad agency LIDA (using illustrations by Magnus Muhr) designed to generate support for the buzzy bastards, which have become endangered in recent years. The bees in this pro-bono effort are admittedly adorable. Well, OK, they're dead bees affixed to cartoon images and then photographed for print and video ads. Anyway, they suffer all sorts of urban mishaps and wind up in hospital beds, on stretchers and—most ironically—hooked up to I.V.s. In real life, of course, these yellow-jacketed flying furies would dive-bomb Buckingham Palace, jab those dopey guards in the ass and install their own queen to reign over the humans spared to toil in the hives. Ultimately, the British Isles would resemble the bee-centric world envisioned in that Vodafone campaign from last year. I say, if bees are heading for extinction, good riddance! As for the broader ecosystem, I assume some other species will learn how to pollinate flowers. Probably sheep. Via Osocio.