DDB Tribute Ad Honors Visionary McDonald’s CEO Fred L. Turner

Turner died last week at age 80

McDonald's agency DDB Chicago ran this newspaper ad in The Wall Street Journal last week honoring Fred L. Turner, who died Jan. 7 at age 80. Turner joined McDonald's in 1956 and was its CEO from 1974 to 1987. He is credited with taking Ray Kroc's company and turning it into what it is today. He was the architect of its "quality, service and cleanliness" model, and the Egg McMuffin and Chicken McNugget were both introduced on his watch.

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Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus, DDB Worldwide

Silas Reeves, Designer, DDB Chicago

David Oif, Creative Director, Copywriter, DDB Chicago

Tim Souers, Creative Director, Art Director, DDB Chicago