DDB makes real book out of your Facebook

Here's a home-run idea: DDB Paris promoted the launch of Bouygues Telecom's Facebook presence by creating 1,000 physical books made from people's own Facebook pages. Siavosh Zabeti, who came up with the idea with Alexander Kalchev, explains on Vimeo: "They wanted us to create something that would go beyond using your profile picture in a funny way, or pranking your friends with a small joke. We decided to look at the way we use Facebook and found that even though we use the social networking site every day, we forget our favorite moments we share online. So we created an app that could change that, and keep your Facebook, in a book." Developed by Perfect Fools for DDB Paris. This isn't the first such app. EgoBook also creates physical Facebook memoirs. Via Advertolog. UPDATE: Even more awesome is the fact that one of our favorite ad bloggers, Angela Natividad, makes a comment cameo at the 55-second mark.