DDB Inverts Apple’s ‘Crazy Ones’ Copy in Tribute to Ordinary People

Not everyone can be a genius

We can't all be Gandhi or Picasso or Bob Dylan—or Steve Jobs, for that matter. That's the message delivered in this cheeky print ad (full image after the jump) from DDB Stockholm that riffs on the famous copy from Apple's "Crazy Ones" commercial—turning it on its head. "Here's to the one who's normal," the ad begins. It goes on to celebrate those of us who are "always struggling," "never complaining," "never quoted" and "never celebrated." It concludes: "When you're ordinary, you need something out of the ordinary." That something turns out to be Papercut, a DVD, book and magazine shop in Stockholm. The ad—created by copywriter Magnus Jakobsson and art director Fredrik Simonsson, with typography by Rasmus Kellerman—will be published a few weeks from now in Sweden. Jakobsson has been writing quirky ads for this client for a while. In one, he told his own life story. In another, he meditated on a penis scrawled at the top of the ad.

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