Davidoff cigars orgasmic or just plain stinky

"Every man has a D-spot," claim these three print ads for Davidoff cigars. I dunno, this guy here looks more catatonic than orgasmic. It's probably the emphysema. In another ad, Mustache Man seems to have sniffed a scent most foul. The sooty bouquet of a smoldering Davidoff, perhaps? Now, the young guy with the cleft-chin who looks a bit like John Travolta … OK, yeah, he's feelin' it. I guess sometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar after all. Davidoff cigars probably go well with a Three Olives martini. Via Ads of the World. UPDATE: Davidoff brand manager Danielle K. Hawthorne tells Steffan Postaer that these ads were never approved by the cigar company.

—Posted by David Gianatasio