David Hasselhoff Reaches Peak Self-Parody in Promo for Kung Fury

Film is sure to #TakeHoff

Dinosaurs, fingerless gloves, punks, skateboards, hacking and traveling back in time to try to kill Hitler. It's everything you ever loved about the '80s in one film—now including David Hasslehoff.

Kung Fury is a film that was funded on Kickstarter and is due to premiere May 28 on YouTube. The epic trailer for the film is what got the project funded, so they haven't released a new one. Instead, they've just put out a music video with David Hasselhoff who sings the lead track, "True Survivor."

And it is going to make this film #TakeHoff.

Hasslehoff is resplendent in a mullet, fingerless gloves, Converse high-tops and a custom airbrushed Kung Fury letter jacket as he saunters, shoots, splits and sings his way through the epic scenes of the film.

The synth is strong with this one, and the time is right, as millennials have come to that point in their lives when they have money and are willing to part with it for anything that reminds them of their childhoods.

Even if Harrison Ford and David Hasslehoff happen to look really old now.