David Hasselhoff Fights Crime on a Moped in This Joyously Ridiculous Ad From Germany

Knight Rider fans are in for a dramatic slow-speed chase

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Knight Rider? More like Not Quite Rider.

1980s TV icon David Hasselhoff is back in action as a Michael Knight-esque crime fighter on wheels, though admittedly he’s shedded some horsepower along the way. It’s all an ad for an automotive marketplace, and as you might imagine, it’s from Germany.

In “Moped Rider” from agency Achtung, Hasselhoff attempts to chase down some retro villains, and all the action unfolds dramatically slowly as his AI-powered moped chases the bad guys on their own underpowered bikes.

The ad is entirely in German, but I assure you, you won’t miss a thing.

Sure, a callback to Knight Rider-era Hasselhoff feels a bit on the nose for a German auto sales campaign, but the spot is just ridiculous enough to work, with several good laughs along the way.

Luckily it’s not just a pointless gag, either. It culminates in the question “Wrong vehicle?” as Hasselhoff attempts a leap well beyond the abilities of low-rent KITT. Then we see him browsing Mobile.de for a truly Knight Rider-worthy Pontiac Firebird.

“With the new campaign, we want to convey in a humorous way that every person has their own individual mobility needs,” Mobile.de CMO Inga Wiese tells German ad magazine W&V. “Only with a suitable vehicle can most people handle their often busy day-to-day life, which underlines our new online campaign.”