David Griner explains social media for you

Socialpath_2 AdFreak scribe David Griner is, for lack of a better description, a well-oiled social-media machine. Now, he’s found time to fire up a whole blog about the subject. The Social Path, unveiled yesterday, promises “a jargon-free journey through the world of social media,” and already feels, in the best sense, quite Advergirl-y in its expansive, methodical approach and friendly tone. (It’s also oil-free.) Advergirl, in fact, has posted an interview with Griner on her site, in which he explains more about how the site came to be (for one thing, he’s writing it under the aegis of his employer, Alabama ad agency Luckie & Co.) and where it might be headed. At AdFreak, our own Falstaff-ian feelings of abandonment have been assuaged by Griner’s promise to continue blogging here as well.

—Posted by Tim Nudd