Dating site takes a stand on cops and taxes, which has previously positioned itself as a gay-friendly alternative to eHarmony, is now promoting a politically themed Romance Plan for America. With two TV commercials and a Web site that looks like it’s designed poorly by intent, the dating site has put out its Romance Plan as if it’s running for election — though it’s unclear who, if anyone, stands in opposition. Chemistry’s plan promises to make first dates great, skip bad dates altogether, never raise taxes, and put more cops on the street. Does anyone else think it’s odd to run a political spoof campaign in March of a light election year? Beyond that, isn’t it a bad idea to mention the shortage of cops on our streets to women who are about to meet up with a stranger? These are important questions that we’ll have to ask ourselves in the months leading up to Nov. 4, when we, as a nation, squeeze all our likes and dislikes into a tiny profile on our dating site of choice, press send, and hope for the best.

Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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