Dating App Lets Guys Bribe Women With Jewelry, Travel or Plastic Surgery

'More classy' than using pickup lines, founder says

"You can have anyone! All you have to do is dangle the right carrot." That's the promise of a new app, Carrot Dating, which allows users to bribe potential love connections into going on dates with them. The word "bribe" might sound a little harsh, but that's actually the terminology Carrot Dating uses.

"Messaging may get her interested, but bribery will get you a date. Don't waste time contacting countless singles in hopes that one will say 'yes.' The Carrot Dating app gives you the power to date your first choice, not settle for only the ones who replied."

The bribes range anywhere from flowers to jewelry to plastic surgery. If this sounds like thinly veiled prostitution, well, bingo. Carrot Dating is presenting women as gold-digging idiots just waiting to exchange amorous meetups for Botox. If Carrot Dating's website weren't sketchy enough, there's the promo video below, which really takes it past the line of "so gross I need to shower."

Of course, the founder disagrees. In an interview with the New York Daily News, entrepreneur Brandon Wade says, "It’s like a pickup line, but more classy and interesting." And if there's one man who knows classy, it's definitely the guy who created another dating site called

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