Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 Plugged Into Holiday Spots

Electronics chain rolls out 'Star Wars' ads

We mentioned not too long ago that Darth Vader would be lending his inscrutable visage and heavy breathing to Currys PC World's holiday ads in the U.K. Well, it turns out he's brought some friends to the party. Well, not friends, exactly—more like mortal enemies from the dastardly rebellion that opposed him throughout the entire original Star Wars trilogy. But that's all semantics. What's important is that R2-D2, making a second appearance for the retail chain, and Chewbacca are now part of the Currys marketing family. Chewbacca's ad introduces him to the wonders of Earth's hair dryers, and R2-D2 learns how fragile 21st century computers are. Protip for future casting decisions: If Currys is anything like Best Buy, Jabba the Hut wouldn't be a bad choice for a security guard. R2's spots after the jump.


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