Darth Vader to Appear in Ad for U.K. Electronics Chain

Remember when he used to be evil?

Sheesh, does George Lucas need to pay down his credit cards or something? Lucasfilm is allowing a U.K. electronics chain to use Darth Vader in an upcoming TV ad, inspired by the success of a 2010 spot featuring C3PO and R2D2 for the same chain, Currys. This year, parent company Dixons Retail and M&C Saatchi will recreate Vader's inspection of the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, only this time the Empire's future-fascist army has been replaced by a retail customer service team. Sure, that makes sense. Star Wars fans are sure to get angry, but they've had more than a few years to come to terms with who George Lucas really is and just how much he will do for money. According to the press release, "We see Lord Vader arrive at a Currys and PC World store to assess and approve all 14,000 of Currys and PC World store colleagues, to see if they meet his high standards." At this point, you have to wonder if Vader's even still seen as a villain. When he's not dropping in for HR quality assurance, he's running around as an adorable little boy. Maybe it's good Luke didn't go to the dark side after all. While we wait for the ad to debut Saturday, you can check out last year's Star Wars spot below.