The dark side of a quiet orange beverage

Tang_1 Tang is pretty innocuous, right? A simple, sparsely advertised orange drink loaded with Vitamin C? It’s biggest claim to fame, post-Gemini, was temporarily frustrating Homer Simpson in the episode where he goes into space. In other words, it’s kept a low profile. But Tang has a sinister side. Apparently, Canadian authorities once tried mixing methadone with Tang in an effort to prevent abuse by recovering junkies, thinking no one would be desperate enough to shoot up Tang. Like most well-meaning public officials, they were wrong. As if that weren’t enough, we found a blog that offers a tutorial for Tang fermentation. The last time I saw Tang ads on television, they were comparing the product to being punched in the face by a monkey. Perhaps they should’ve shown the monkey jumping on your back.

—Posted by David Kiefaber