A dark futuristic vision, built around gum

So, how does it feel to chew Wrigley’s new 5 Gum? I don’t recall asking, but EnergyBBDO and AMV BBDO answer the question in a series of
visually arresting spots for flavors such as “cobalt,” “rain” and “flare.” Consumers
are thrust into minty (or cinnamon-y) futuristic/industrial worlds resembling
the backdrops of William Gibson novels — or maybe Terry Gilliam, in his Brazil phase. It’s all about the intense taste experience, or something. Big Bubble, by the way, is what I’d call a futuristic dystopian
bubble-gum. Big Bubble. It comes in 1,984 flavors. Get it?
Sorry if you don’t recall asking.

Posted by David Gianatasio