Danny McBride Wants More, More, More in His Rollicking New Xbox Ad

Which is why he's a fan of Game Pass

Danny McBride would like more, in general. Specifically, he’d like more people to come up to him on the street and say they loved him in Your Highness. He can never hear that enough because, well, he never hears it at all.

McBride, the brash actor-comedian-pitchman, stars in a new ad for Microsoft Xbox’s Game Pass, a just-launched monthly service that gives players unlimited access to hundreds of titles, meaning more ways to school opponents in NBA games and “more dudes with chainsaws chainsawing other dudes” in bloody action scenarios, he says.

As marketers have done in the past, Xbox lets McBride be McBride. Do they really need to do more than turn on the camera and let him riff? Probably not. And riff he does here, starting with wildly overacting in a movie-within-a-commercial scene, with the effete director giving him the “Less is more” note.

He doesn’t take it well, ranting about wanting more snacks, more explosions, and of course, more compliments. Less is definitely not more, he says. It’s just math.

“Our campaign theme, ‘More is better,’ is really a way to signal the value in our offering,” Xbox’s director of integrated marketing Craig McNary said in a statement. “And Danny McBride’s straightforward persona made him the perfect match to help our brand deliver that message in a differentiated and compelling way.”

The two-minute spot, from Ayzenberg Group and directed by longtime McBride collaborator Jody Hill, will anchor a campaign that will feature Instagram Stories with outtakes and animated GIFs. The campaign will get a paid digital push, along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Client: Microsoft
Craig McNary – Director, Xbox Integrated Marketing
Josh Munsee – Senior Manager, Xbox Integrated Marketing

Agency: Ayzenberg Group

Gary Goodman – Executive Creative Director
Matt Bretz– Executive Creative Director
Mehera Bey, VP, Production
Allen Bey, Creative Director
Tara Cheitlin, Producer
Joe Williams, Editor

Production Company: Caviar
Director: Jody Hill

Ad Campaign
Matt Rice, VP, Creative Operations
Stu Pope, Principal/Creative Director/Copywriter
Keith Ewing, Creative Director
Clarence Lansang, Creative Director
Hunger Lam, Sr. Art Director
Ignacio Martinez, Art Director
Terry Wolfinger, Sr. Illustrator

Social Media
Rebecca Rose, SVP, Social Media
Cory Teale, Director, Operations
Caroline Collins, Director, Social Media
Fern Espinoza, Creative Director
Jude Ambrosio, Associate Director, Social Strategy
Gary Seastrom, Art Director
Kate Tornay, Copywriter
Jasen Wong, Copywriter
Shaun Lang, Photographer
David Espinoza, Designer
Allan DeLeon, Senior Producer
Bori Surh, Producer

Justin Hills, VP, Strategy and Integration
Justin Kirby, Account Director
Chy Lin, Senior Integrated Project Manager

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