Danish Films Use Historical Settings to Encourage Following Covid Rules

The two spots have been viewed over 1 million times through social media platforms

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To promote keeping a safe distance and other advice as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the Danish Health Authority has released a campaign featuring stand-offs between cowboys and aristocrats taking up their pistols at dawn.

Released in response to growing rates of infections across Europe due to Omicron, the two spots, each one minute long, have been made by creative agency Advice for the country’s health authority to promote continuing to follow its advice, including keeping windows open. The campaign acknowledges that, after two years of issuing guidance, citizens have become increasingly tired of following rules. As a result, it aims to remind them of the importance of sticking to such advice, even if it is becoming difficult for them to remain polite about doing so.

Danish Health Authority/Advice

As a result, the two ads, produced by Octopuss and directed by Klaus Spendser, feature workmates falling out within a historical setting such as the Wild West, before ending in a modern scene where they begin to see each other’s perspectives and mutual respect wins out.

Danish Health Authority/Advice

“The films are quite Danish in the sense that we use humor to tackle difficult subjects and that we Danes love to laugh and make fun of ourselves,” explained Camilla Berlick, senior art director at Advice. “We encourage the Danes to shrug and show compassion to others in a difficult time. And hopefully, we can put a smile on their faces.”

The two films were released in January to run across social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, with a combined number of video views set at over 1 million within the first few weeks.

The Danish have begun to ease restrictions in February, despite growth in cases of people catching the Omicron variant, due to the success of its vaccination rates, according to a report by The Herald.


Camilla Berlick (Art Director, creative lead),
Mark Müller (Chief Creative, creative lead)
Cecilie Timm (Account Manager, project manager)
Birte Darting Biker (Account Director, strategic lead)
Anders Røge (Head of Production)
Octopuss (Production Company)
Morten Peglau (Executive Producer)
Klaus Spendser (Director)
Siri Von Essen (Producer)