Dancing Cats Get Turned Up in This Explosive Meow Mix Promo

Surreal jingle remix ushers in contest for charity

If you're just a regular, mellow cat, this electronic cat dance video might weird you out. But if you're a super hip cat that likes to indulge in a little 'nip now and then, this high-octane gem could be just your speed. 

Imagine you're at the club and everything is going just perfect—amazing vibe, great tunes, awesome beat. And you're all crunk on catnip and Half & Half.

But then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the beat drops and then the DJ's eyes SHOOT LASERS WHICH EXPLODE THE DISCO BALL AND SHOWER YOU WITH CAT FOOD!

This basically sends you and your feline friends into a hysterical dance party frenzy and every cat goes nuts. 

This part music video, part ad brought to you by Meow Mix, DJ Ashworth and agency FCB, Chicago, is the first of a series of remixes of the original Meow Mix jingle helping to promote the brand's latest contest, "It's Meow Time." The next version will be recorded by Kelly Pickler in New York where Meow Mix will set up a mobile sound booth from Aug. 13-16.

Home users are also encouraged to submit their own version of the jingle to win a trip to Hollywood to make another music video. Scroll down on the contest page and check out some of the entries … there you'll see terrified cats being serenaded by vertical-video obsessed owners (who are possibly Meow Mix employees). There's even a charity angle to the contest—for each user-generated jingle, the brand says it will donate 100 cat meals to the Food Bank for New York City.

Take a look below at the ad in all of it's EDM-saturated insanity. This one makes the club for popcorn look like a broken toaster oven.

You might even say it's the cat's meow, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Via Ads of the World. 


Agency: FCB, Chicago

Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford

Group Creative Director: Teddy Brown

Creative Director: Suzanna Bierwirth

Associate Creative Director: Tony Mavrelis

Senior Art Directors: Lauren Loehr, Dan Thorne

Group Management Director: Michelle Derderian

Account Director: Lindsay Tomek

Account Executive: Kate McGarrahan

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