Damn, a Bunch of Brands Picked Up on the ‘Damn, Daniel’ Meme This Week

But Vans wasn't quickest out of the gate

There's no solid way of predicting what might go viral on the Internet or when. So when a brand can hop on board in a moment's notice, the results can be rewarding—or at the very least, applause worthy. And when a new teen-turned-meme video took the Internet by storm this week, a couple of brands were quick to hop on the train.

The original video is 30 seconds of a teenage boy during his school day, with a friend providing the voiceover of "Damn, Daniel" over and over again, plus the line, "Back at it again with the white Vans!"

It's the kind of thing you don't need to get, but maybe you can appreciate, since it's something other than a prank or a borderline racist meme taking the Internet by storm. In any case, Twitter embraced it with open arms, even turning it into a song.

But Vans—the brand that could have capitalized the most on #damndaniel—snoozed a little on the job. Clorox and Axe were quicker and arguably more effective. And Denny's just finally weighed in today, with a flurry of tweets that led to this top comments from an observer: "dennys needs to calm the fuck down."

See the various branded tweets below. 


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