‘Curb’ gets lukewarm support for season 6

Larry HBO seems to have skimped a little on the marketing for the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which premieres Sunday night. For the fifth season, we had that great promo with the classic statues of the world, all with Larry’s head. This time, we get fairly straightforward stuff: a basic teaser (a video should pop up; if not, scroll down and click on “Curb 2007”) that shows scenes from the first five years and one (not that funny) moment from the sixth; and a behind-the-scenes video that has some cast interviews. The ads could be better, which would be appropriate, as the new season is rumored to kick the previous one’s butt. Variety says the show “roars back with a terrific trio of half-hours to open year six, so dense and intricate in weaving together Larry David’s twisted view of humanity it’s remarkable how neatly the episodes tie together their loose ends.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd