Cuervo to unleash colorful tequila pushers

If you live in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, you’ll be battling for taxi cabs this Thursday with a bunch of fools done up in full-body paint. They are invading those cities to celebrate something called National Flavors Day, which sounds like a legitimate holiday but is actually a marketing ploy concocted by Jose Cuervo to introduce three new Cuervo Flavored Tequilas: Citrico, Oranjo and Tropina. According to the press release, these alien creatures will “pour onto the streets … to spread the message of National Flavors Day during various commuter times to inquisitive onlookers.” Whether inquisitive turns to angry may depend on whether these colored drones hog all the cabs or not. National Flavors Day, the release says, “serves as a reminder to celebrate summer’s thrills and endless possibilities in a bold, adventurous and outgoing way.” It also sounds like an excuse to get good and wasted.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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