Crystal Light Prepares Women for Wet and Wild Adventures

Flaunt your bikini bod even after a plane crash

Crystal Light began airing a new spot by mcgarrybowen this week that swaps out the old theme, "Water your body," for a play on a different kind of wetness. The new campaign, dubbed "Stay light," does a great job of tapping into the overworked-female zeitgeist at one of our most vulnerable moments—right after we've made our New Year's fitness resolutions to remove the holiday pounds before "bikini season" arrives. The message here—that you should drink Crystal Light because you never know when some shirtless hunk might promise to get you wet—is a good reminder to hold off whenever you're thinking, "What's another slice of cheesecake? I'm going to be wearing a sweater for the next five months!" Otherwise, when your plane crashes, Lost style, leaving you stranded on a beach with minimal food and the aforementioned hunk, you won't feel confident stripping off your top and telling him, "Yeah, I'm going to get wet." Five calories, zero guilt—and zero doubt about what kind of wetness this woman's talking about.