Crossroads Director Delivers Charming 'School Portrait' Film

A bitter photographer can't dampen one girl's spirits

Not feeling the holiday spirit in these gloomy, pre-apocalyptic times? Maybe this will help—a charming little unbranded short film from England by Nick Scott, now repped for commercial work by Crossroads Films. It features a school-portrait photographer who accosts his pint-size subjects with questions about grownup problems—economic, environmental, and then personally painful. The kids mostly shrink even smaller in confusion, but not one girl—who insists on smiling through it all, giving the photographer some much-needed perspective on his troubles. "Sadly, much of what is said to the kids is indicative of the pretty gloomy future facing their generation," says Scott. "But hopefully the film shows that no matter how cynical you are, there are always things that can give us hope." Pretty nicely done.