Crocs are a scream in love/hate campaign

Not long ago, MBT boasted that its ho-hum launch effort was "irreverent." But that adjective is probably better suited to Zimmerman Advertising’s new “What a Croc” campaign. Playing off the intense passions both for and against Crocs, the TV spots feature everything from a Don King soliloquy of praise to a guy screaming like a maniac at the “shoe.” Who knows, maybe he’s screaming because his feet got mangled in an escalator while he was wearing Crocs as a boy. The new ad campaign comes just as Japan is calling for a Crocs redesign “after complaints that the feet of children wearing the colorful plastic clogs have been injured on escalators,” according to the Associated Press. “The Washington Metro … has even posted ads warning about such shoes on its moving stairways.” Maybe I’ll go with the MBTs after all. I’ve gotten used to having all 10 toes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio