Crispin selling off interns to highest bidder


The rap against Crispin Porter + Bogusky is they work you to the bone. For those interning there, it gets worse: They sell you to the highest bidder. Well, not exactly. The Boulder, Colo., shop is using eBay in an unusual attempt to auction off three months' worth of services from its interns to clients. The idea is that Crispin interns have been involved in some great work for Burger King, Microsoft and Volkswagen, although the description doesn't detail exactly what role they played. Crispin will funnel the proceeds from the auction directly to the interns, promising bidders that "world-class advertising can be yours for a fraction of the going rate." Alex Bogusky tells us: "We always split the intern time between the agency accounts and a pro bono account that they really dig into. We thought it would be fun to throw it open a bit and at the same time get them paid. The internship pays minimum wage but why not a little bonus too? Our hope is all of this will continue to raise the profile and the value of the internship. With over 40 summer interns it's like getting a mini CP+B." The fine print says what clients will get is a presentation and strategy, not actual production or any, you know, ads.Bidding ends May 27. As of Tuesday morning, there had been 22 bids, raising the price to $4,250.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey