Crispin interns get lunch money via auction

The Crispin Porter + Bogusky Intern Auction has concluded after drawing 44 bids over 10 days. The winning bid: $17,655, from an undisclosed bidder. The winner gets the labor of Crispin's class of summer interns. The agency is passing on the proceeds to the low-paid help, which nets out to $465 for each of the 38 interns, or about $39 a week. That should get them lunch in Boulder. It must be noted that the auction proceeds are on top of what Crispin is paying the interns already and represents a nice bonus, all things considered. It's pretty impressive that the Crispin mystique was able to get this high of a a bid for work that doesn't include any production costs. Could any other shop net as much for its intern labor? If so, why don't they do it? UPDATE: The winner is Brammo, a maker of electric-power motorcycles, according to @bogusky.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey