Creepy office dude wants you to get lucky

Every office has a creepy guy who lurks behind potted plants, hides inside the copy machine and makes stealthy visits to co-workers’ desks. At AdFreak, I’m that guy. Kidding, HR, I’m kidding. Anyway, a new Connecticut Lottery spot from Cashman & Katz dubs such a character the “Secret Scratch Game Man.” He leaves lottery tickets as holiday gifts for everyone, except … spoiler ahead … the boss! There’s a most unfortunate update of the Johnny Rivers ’60s classic “Secret Agent Man” with new lyrics: “He’s the man who skipped his morning meetings/Mission: to deliver season’s greetings.” Bob Dylan apparently still wasn’t available to chip in a few lines. And that guy on AdFreak’s after-hours surveillance video, who looks just like me, and is wearing my shirt and jacket, putting his feet up on the boss’s desk and rifling through his drawers … that’s one of our other Daves. Probably Griner.

—Posted by David Gianatasio