Creepy German Ad Shows Off World’s Roomiest and Toastiest Winter Coat

Relax with me by this roaring fire

Dr. Who, your jacket is ready. In this odd spot for 66°North outerwear from German agency Grabarz & Partner, some commuter dude shivering at a remote Icelandic bus stop encounters one of the clothing maker's jackets—which stands upright in the snow, as if someone's wearing it. Yet, the jacket's empty. Or is it? The dude peers inside the hood … and apparently, there's a toasty refuge deep within, with room for people to enjoy hot toddies in front of a roaring fireplace. (Talk about going "all-in" with a metaphor! Actually, I'm reminded of both a Whovian-style alien menace—"Those jacket creatures will kill us all, Doctor!"—and a Tardis. If the jacket were the latter, though, there'd be no need to take public transportation.) The final shot, which is kind of eerie, shows the coat standing alone against the wintry expanse, flames flickering within its faceless, fur-lined cowl. Hey, better put out that fire—no smoking on the bus!

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