Creatives Talk About Their Biggest Fears, and How They Overcame Them

Advice for artists looking to build a career

Halloween is over, but the terror continues.

Creatives—especially freelancers—rely on a cornucopia of clichés to help navigate a career path defined by fear and uncertainty, and a new video packs them in nicely.

Shot to promote the Stand Out! Photographic Forums, a conference held last month in Los Angeles and San Francisco, the video cuts together interviews with a range of camera-driven visual artists. The discussion covers topics that should be familiar to a broader set of creatives: the fear of failure, and the importance of vision, drive, faith and experimentation.

Art photographer Gregory Crewdson is perhaps the best known of the bunch. The speakers, who specialize in a range of subjects, styles and skills, also include Matt Armendariz, Annabelle Breakey, Eric Crosland, Tim Kemple, Pratik Naik, John Schell, Dan Saelinger, Roberto Valenzuela and Benjamin Von Wong.

Of course, it wouldn't be creative advice without a healthy dose of artistic bravado."If it feels good while you're doing it, you're not doing it right," says Crosland, who directs ski films. "You should be suffering a little bit."

Via Design Taxi.

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