Creative Flavor: Fernando Poblete Helps People Interact With Brands, Not Just Buy Them

This Los Angeles creative director knows the combined power of enthusiasm and a good idea

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Freelance LA-based creative director Fernando Poblete views the future of advertising as a two-way conversation. “Telling stories on behalf of brands is what I’ve been doing for years and now technology has given us the challenge to tell those stories from a different perspective,” Poblete told Adweek.

“There are more voices now, communication is more plural. The monologue is over, people get to interact with brands,” he explained.

Part of Adweek’s Creative Flavor series—a new project created in conjunction with Produ and Circulo Creativo—Poblete cites his work on the Second Chances campaign for Donate Life as one that he particularly enjoyed. Offering a “second chance” ticket that allowed drivers in specified regions to avoid fines if registered as organ donors, the organization saw a 36% increase in donors during the initiative’s first year.

Donate Life

“The biggest lesson I learned is that enthusiasm for good ideas can make them better,” Poblete explained. “People from different areas of the agency offered to help out because of their passion for Second Chances. Together we made it stronger, more effective and newsworthy.”

On how he decided to get into advertising: “Since I was a child, I liked to film home movies. I have shoe boxes full of HI-8 cassettes of stuff I shot with my family and friends. I started playing the drums, driving my neighbor crazy since I was 13 years old. I wanted a job where I could mix all those disciplines that I was passionate about, and I guess I found that in advertising.”

On his ideal client: “I would describe it as a project where trust is the common denominator. We creatives have to show that we are interested in solving the same business problems as our clients. Once you earn that trust, the conditions are set to present brave ideas.”

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