Creative Father Photoshops His Kids Into Surreal Scenes of Charm and Wonder

John Wilhelm's crazy worlds

As someone whose Facebook feed is roughly 70 percent pictures of people's kids, I feel comfortable saying they get boring after a while. Luckily, digital artist John Wilhelm is around to shake things up.

He made a whole series of manipulated photos in which his three daughters go about their everyday routines—like presenting flowers to huge bison, gnawing down trees, working as coal-smudged engine drivers and battling cephalopods in the bathtub. Some of the images look more natural than others, but they all have a weird storybook quality to them that's a welcome relief from the Instagram/Pinterest-induced sameness I've been seeing.

Check out this interview with Wilhelm at Bored Panda. Asked about the inspirations for his photos, he replies: "I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many video games when I was a kid."

You can buy prints of Wilhelm's work here. (Nutella should buy the one above.)

More photos below. Via Laughing Squid.