Creating a giant ad with royalty-free art

TBWA Singpore has launched a campaign for stock-image provider Photolibrary that invites creatives to be “part of the world’s biggest ad.” The idea is that you visit and, using Photolibrary’s database of royalty-free stock images and the site’s editing tools, create a unique square piece of art (like the sample, shown here, of a midget wrestler about to filet a fish) and send it in—it will become part of a mosaic that Photolibrary will run as an ad. The gallery is filling up with submissions, mostly from TBWA shops. Maybe the coolest part of the campaign: participation gives creatives a demo of the product. As for the “world’s biggest” claim—that may be hyperbole. There are no evident plans to unfurl the resulting collage over the desert in Dubai or anything, though that would be fun. Thanks to Campfire’s Sean Gannan for the tip.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey