Crazy Mom and Silent Dad Return in Hill Holliday's Safeco Spots

Get more (stuff) out of life

In Hill Holliday's new Safeco Insurance spots, an uber-complain-y mom—introduced in a popular ad a while back—bitches about her grownup kids' affinity for stuff like motorcycles, RVs and ultra-modern homes. The mom's central performance is stellar, particularly in the gleaming high-tech kitchen, as she warily eyes a sink fixture and claps her hands (to activate it, apparently) while moaning, "It's like a museum. I'm afraid to touch anything." (The actor who plays the husband—who was on Cheers and was also one of the Bobs in Office Space—barely has to do anything but sit there.) The voiceover explains, "Some people want more out of life. We insure the things that make more possible." It's all great fun, but the premise seems a bit shallow. Does getting more out of life—a euphemism, of course, for fulfillment and happiness—really hinge on acquiring material possessions? Well, damn straight it does! To hell with inner peace and spiritual growth. Where's the pricey crap I don't need? I want an ultra-mod house with an RV parked in the driveway! Well, I'd settle for a house. OK, how about just a driveway? Mom!? Two more spots after the jump.