Craziest Local TV Ads Ever Made: Meet Your Winners

To what depths will local business owners sink to shill for their products and services? Rhett & Link, the YouTube darlings who just can't get enough of whack local ads, asked the same question in the form of their newly created LoCo Awards. (The contest was also hype for their TV show, Commercial Kings on IFC). After nominations and online voting, the winners include a "trippy" dermatologist, a hip-hop magician, a talking baby, a midget superhero and lots and lots of awkward rapping. The top dog, winner of the Palme d'LoCo, is a vintage '70s commercial from the late, great L.A. car-painting maven Earl Scheib, whose low-tech spot had him chatting about body work with a sexy, pseudo-animated Caddy. The Jaw Dropper Award, potentially the "best" of the bunch, goes to a North Carolina school-board electoral candidate with an ad (see below) that's "fanboy geek meets Tea Party." It's a little Star Wars wrapped in Ed Wood with an ultra-conservative sheen. Mesmerizing! The winners each pocketed a cool $250 cash.