Cravendale Ad Asks: 'Who First Thought to Milk a Cow?'

A history lesson from Wieden London

Holy cow! At about the 40-second mark of Wieden + Kennedy London's wondrously whacked-out cinema spot for Cravendale milk, a divine bovine apparition descends from the firmament, draped in flowing robes, clutching a Bible in one of its hooves, intoning, "Milk me, Brian!" Moo-yah! The question "Who first thought to milk a cow?" is parsed to perfection and given vivid historical sweep, highlighted by awesomely goofy details like a "fierce" prehistoric cow-beast, a low-rent mini-Stonehenge rock assemblage and a lightning bolt illuminating udders so filled to bursting they're practically pornographic. Naming the protagonist Brian heightens the Monty Python-esque vibe. Behold: the crème de la crème of ads about milking cows. All previous efforts pail by comparison.