The Crapping Dog and Other German Toy Ads

How do the Germans advertise a children's board game that includes a plastic shitting Dachshund? With happy children screaming and a CGI re-enactment of a guy stepping in poop, of course! The game is called Kackel Dackel (the Dutch version is Takkie Kakkie). The objective is to feed the dog, send the food along the digestive tract by squeezing the pump action handle, and collect the fluorescent yellow poop when it comes out the other end. It's made by Goliath Toys, which also brought us marvelous and disgusting CGI ads for Snotty Snotter, the booger-pulling toy; Fiese Fliegen, the toy where you try to keep flies from getting out of a trashcan; Maus Voraus, where you catch rats; and Schweine Schwarte, where you feed a pig until it explodes. See the spots for those four charmers after the jump. Thanks, Goliath, for outstanding achievements in ickiness. Via. Boing Boing.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.