Craigslist and Kutcher Make ‘Best Roommate Ever’ a Star

But S.F. apartment seeker might lose his job in the process

It might cost him the very job that sent him apartment hunting in San Francisco, but we have a feeling Wade "Best Roommate Ever" Cothran will do OK for himself. Over the past 24 hours, Cothran has become a viral superstar, thanks to a delightfully profane Craigslist ad and a shout-out from actor/producer/Twittergod Ashton Kutcher. It actually began a few days prior, when the then-anonymous 25-year-old "professional marketing agent" posted an ad looking for a place in San Francisco, where he was relocating from Alabama for a job. His pledge to be the Best Roommate Ever was packed with promises to cook, clean, not steal your shit, and only clutter your house with two duffel bags of clothes and eight pairs of shoes. He's since taken his campaign to Twitter, where he creates scenarios like this one: "It's 3 a.m., you're shit-faced and locked out of the apartment? Guess who's still up making nachos? Yup." Kutcher told his 7 million followers about  the guy and even said he'd give the apartment seeker a job "for being awesome." Sounds like he might need it. In a radio interview today, Cothran said that his identity is now public, and his "conservative" new employer is debating whether to follow through on the job offer. Who knows? Maybe he'll end up with a writing gig over at Two and a Half Men.