Cows tip college student for Maryland lottery

Is there a cow uprising underway? Yesterday, cows invaded New York’s Bryant Park on behalf of Nestlé, and now It seems at least one U.S. state has been experiencing strange bovine behavior in recent weeks. For the past month, cows (people dressed like cows) have been spotted playing tennis, grazing at restaurants and mooing at tailgate parties in order to spread a message of “bovine unite." A commercial that aired last week in the state caught the mad cows in action—tipping over a college student while asleep in his bed. Are cows finally getting their revenge for all those drunken disturbances? Nah, it’s just The Maryland Lottery using “Uddergate” to showcase its “Let Yourself Play” message. The campaign highlights the lottery’s new $250,000 promotion, its Bovine Bucks doubler scratch-off ticket and “Nascow” online racing game. Now, I’m not quite sure why cows are the way to go for a lottery promotion but they sure are cute (even the drooly one in the spot). What’s next? Will the cows rise up for their ultimate revenge? Somehow I doubt Millie The Cow (here’s a link to her blog) is ready to take on the National Cattleman’s Beef Council.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis