Cow Jokes Fall Udderly Flat in ‘Serious Meat’ Campaign for New Zealand Jerky

Tim Batt lays it on thick

He could work it till the cows come home and still not get a chuckle.

New Zealand comedian Tim Batt really milks his material, but this audience remains unmoooved.

That’s because Batt finds himself standing in a picturesque field, performing bovine-themed jokes for a bunch of actual cows, in these silly, short social videos from Portland, Ore., agency North for New Zealand Jerky.

In the clip below, Batt explains why cows have hooves instead of feet:

If you liked that one, here’s an udder:

At one point, Batt laments, “I’m dying up here. And you guys will soon. That’s how we make jerky.” Zing!

“The tagline ‘Serious Meat’ was already on the packaging, and we thought it was a damn good selling proposition,” Mark Ray, creative chief at North, tells AdFreak. “Their jerky comes from non-GMO, grass-fed Kiwi beef. It doesn’t get any better than that. But we also wondered, do cows have a sense of humor?”

He adds: “Tim Batt really stood out to us as having the perfect sensibility. The less reaction he got from the cows, the funnier he got.”

Indeed, the dude makes a no-bull effort. Check out the clips below for more of the comic who can’t be cowed.

Client: New Zealand Jerky
Co-Founder: Steve McKee
Marketing Manager: Laura Stewart
Agency: North
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Ray
Managing Director: Rebecca Armstrong
Creative Director: Ashod Simonian
Executive Producer: Steve Rauner
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Editor: Leif Hanson
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