Count the creepy advertising icons

As a fitting, if off-color, run-up to next month’s Advertising Week, YesButNoButYes offers this: the 10 Creepiest Icons in Advertising History. We were surprised to see that the harmless, domesticated Carvel Cookie Puss captured the top spot, when the King seemed to have cornered the market in terms of his ability to induce nightmares. But, hey, everyone suffers from their own idiosyncratic fears, and, as pictured here, there is something disturbing about Cookie Puss’s mutant arms. As a list such as this should spawn countless write-in votes, we would like to add Herb the Nerd—strangely, a previous Burger King icon—to the list. Like his descendant, Herb packed enough creep-ability to cause children and adults to run for their nearest McDonald’s. if you’re not familiar, you can see a Herb spot here.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor