Could you design the worst logo of all time?

It's easy to spot a bad logo, but how easy is it to make one? Now's your chance to find out, thanks to the "How Low Can Your Logo?" contest. Dreamed up by Charleston, S.C., creative studio Fuzzco, the contest asks designers to "willingly create that which you spend your entire life trying not to create: the worst logo ever." The client? Excellencico, a fictional pastiche of corporate power that "harnesses evolving, dynamic e-technologies to provide unparalleled levels of synergistic e-products to a heterogeneous set of unperpendiculated e-applications." The prize? A frickin' Laserdisc player! (And a copy of 1953 cinematic stinker Robot Monster!) Oh, the winner also gets free subscriptions to industry mags How and Print, and some books. But people, let's stay focused. A Laserdisc player! You have until Dec. 8 to enter. Oh, and don't bother with the Papyrus font, Gap-logo parodies, rainbows or 9/11 references. They've all been done in spades. Hat tip to my friend Bren.