Could Joe Buck be banned from doing ads?

AdFreak was knocked out by a major TypePad outage yesterday, but now we’re back and ready to discuss Joe Buck. Adrants linked to the new Holiday Inn ad campaign yesterday, and it is comical stuff, with three work buddies, Ted, Marcus and Zack, driven slowly insane by their soul-crushing business trips, to the point of moaning like whales at each other. All eight spots are posted at YouTube. But it’s unclear how Joe Buck wormed his way into two of them (this one and this one). Not coincidentally, those were the two that viewers of baseball’s All-Star Game were subjected to, over and over, on Tuesday night. I wouldn’t say I hate Joe Buck, but I do understand how something like a Stop Joe Buck online petition gets started. Something about Joe gets under people’s skin, in a Bob Costas kind of way. Perhaps it’s the whiff of arrogance. The fact that Joe is somewhat less funny than he thinks he is. Whatever it is, generally speaking, people can take only so much Joe Buck. Which is why it might be good to ban Joe from advertising. Or at least ban Joe ads from games Joe is calling. That way, we can spread out our Joe Buck intake and possibly begin to deal with our feelings toward Tim McCarver.