Correction: Life does take pillow fights

VisapillowfightCommenters are being all kinds of helpful today. In yesterday’s post about the new Visa campaign, I noted, with some relief, that the video clips on did not include guys having a pillow fight. I was wrong. As Steve points out, two grown men walloping each other with fluffy pillows is among the “little universal truth moments” featured on the site. Thanks, Steve. I now wonder if I’ve missed more than this clip. Is there a whole lot of pillow fighting going on in this country, male-on-male or otherwise, that I just don’t know about? There might be. I had no idea, for example, that there is a Pillow Fight Club. (The first rule is unclear, but Wikipedia explains the choreography: “Pillows are well hidden and at the exact pre-arranged time the battlers pull out their pillows and beat the stuffing out of each other with youthful exuberance in an absurdist scene.”) Nor did I know that a pillow fight may have doomed the love affair of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos. (MSNBC: “Shipping heir Niarchos was spotted without his shirt and with feathers in his long hair.”) Visa might be on to something after all.

—Posted by Tim Nudd