Corporate sponsors not fleeing from Zidane

The major sponsors of Zinedine Zidane, including Adidas and Danone, are pledging to stick by the French soccer star despite his absurd head-butt in the World Cup final. But what about Marco Materazzi’s sponsors, if he has any? There’s no word so far, but surely they couldn’t be happy with him allegedly calling Zidane a “terrorist” or saying something about his mother or sister. For his part, the Italian player is defending himself by claiming not to even know the definition of “Islamic terrorist.” That may be troubling too, though, for any corporation that wants its endorser to project a worldly image. Granted, Marco was not yet a teenager in 1985 when terrorists sprayed Rome’s airport with bullets during the holidays. But dude, what about London’s transit system, or Madrid’s for that matter. Ring any bells? Of course, perhaps Materazzi is innocent. (Maybe he called Zidane a butt-head, and Zidane answered in the affirmative.) All may be revealed eventually. In the meantime, enjoy this photo from Flickr’s Kaptain Kobold (via Coolz0r), which takes on an added resonance when you realize that Zidane used to be sponsored by Lego. UPDATE: OK, maybe this image does look somewhat obscene.

—Posted by Steve McClellan