Corona Brings Glorious Sunshine to a Shaded Patio in Clever Outdoor Stunt

Beer brand sees the light in Toronto

The stars really aligned for Corona—well, one did, anyway—in this clever outdoor stunt from Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Check out the video to see how the brand brought extra hours of sunlight to some drinkers on a bar patio. It's a great realization of the brand's tagline, "Find your beach," and surely has extra resonance in Canada, where summers are short enough.

UPDATE: As noted in comments, this stunt bears a striking resemblance to this Bavaria beer commercial from 2013.

Corona, of course, loves any marketing that involves celestial bodies—as seen in New York City last summer, when the brand (with help from agency Cramer-Krasselt) made the waxing crescent moon look like a slice of lime resting in a Corona bottle on a billboard.

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