Corgan adds to wave of ’90s nostalgia

We’re barely halfway through the aughts, and ’90s nostalgia is already running amok, particularly in the music industry. Never mind VH1’s I Love the 90s (which debuted last year, but still). To wit: Alanis Morissette is inexplicably hyping the 10th anniversary of Jagged Little Pill with an acoustic version and a tour (“And isn’t it ironic/How you’re 31 and reliving the past”). The Pixies are in the midst of a comeback (again, last year’s news, but still). The Spice Girls may be reuniting for Live 8. And now Billy Corgan, touting his first solo album, has taken out a full-page ad in today’s Chicago Tribune, saying he wants to put the Smashing Pumpkins back together. Put it all together, and it can only mean one thing: CBS’s Rock Star, the upcoming show that will try find a new lead singer for INXS (who hit their peak in the late ’80s, but let’s cut them some slack), is going to be huge.