This Copywriter Is Traveling Around Europe Doing Freelance Work for Gas Money

His fee is 10 liters per hour

If you love your job but are bored with your city, maybe you can make like Jonay Sosa and become a traveling adman.

The Spanish copywriter is bouncing around Europe, freelancing at different agencies while he sees the continent and billing the trip as a barter-themed project, "Ideas for Fuel."

A seven-year veteran of Saatchi & Saatchi, he's charging an hourly rate of 10 liters—about 2.5 gallons—of diesel for his van. (Gas prices in European countries tend to be higher than in the U.S., making that the equivalent of $10-20 an hour, depending on the country and exchange rate.)

Since setting off last June, he says he's worked at 19 different agencies, including La Chose in Paris, Jung von Matt in Stockholm and McCann in Bucharest—with stints in Leuven, Helsinki and Amsterdam. Now, he's in London (to which he flew), working at KK Outlet.

According to the project website, he's clocked 14,500 kilometers and 813 beers. Naturally, there's also a blog about the trip, plus an an Instagram stream in which he appears to ink stamp his musings onto walls in various locales, not to mention an open call for loaner showers and washing machines.

And if you don't love your job that much, maybe you can save up and take a proper globe-trotting vacation, like that South African ad couple.

Via Design Taxi.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.