Copywriter Launches an ‘Agency Sex Quest’ Encouraging More Staffers to Sleep Around

He's even mailed condoms all over town

Working in an ad agency is just like working in any office: There's going to be a bit of what Dr. Freud would have called "unresolved libido." When copywriters, art directors and their teams work so closely together for hours on end, a bit of office romance is all but inevitable, as staffers share the excitements and frustrations of modern advertising. 

Belgrade-based copywriter and creative strategist Marko Novakovic has a solution: Why don't all the agency people around town just collectively relieve the natural stress that comes with such demanding jobs?

"Last week I launched and distributed boxes full of condoms to the 30 most eminent agencies in Belgrade," Novakovic tells AdFreak. "The new trend in the Balkan region is 'ad conferences'—people going to some remote locations to party, have sex and maybe to attend some boring lectures. So I wanted to have a little fun, give people a bunch of condoms and also encourage them to have sex with colleagues. :)" 

The site includes a map of the surrounding area, which includes offices of major agencies like Grey, Leo Burnett, Havas and Saatchi & Saatchi.

This site is an extension of Novakovic's Instagram project "Klijent je uvek u pravu" or "The client is always right," a platform for agency people to complain about clients. He says he created the new site, which is more of a joke than a workable tool, primarily to amuse fellow advertising professionals.

"The Instagram account is very popular among ad people in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Since our advertising scene is quite small, almost every account manager, copywriter or art director is following me, so from time to time I create some funny projects," he says.

Still, the response has been quite positive, Novakovic says.

"I got emails from seven different agency directors thanking me for the gift," he says. "This will probably sound cocky and stupid, but I also got something like 300 friend requests on Facebook [after the site went live]. It has had around 1,100 unique visits, so if we take into account that there are around 1,500 people working in the ad industry in Belgrade, then almost everybody saw it."

There's no word on how much sex has been had as a result of this project, but we share Novakovic's hope that everyone involved is using proper protection.

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