Copyranter hates BBDO a little less now

Memo to agency PR people: Think twice before inviting Copyranter in for a visit. CR, aka Mark Duffy, who has lately been doing posts under the heading “Lies Well Disguised” over at Gawker, says he got an invite to visit BBDO after describing the agency as “shitty” and “bloated” earlier this month. Though you should really just go ahead and read the whole post yourself, for the time-crunched, here’s a synopsis: CR came away from the agency feeling “their TV work wasn’t … as shitty as I thought it was and is likely … less shitty than the work of most other bloated agencies.” Along with that ringing endorsement, he also suggests that BBDO’s in-house bar, known as “Central Filing,” be renamed “Think Tanked.”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor