A cool site you won’t even be able to enjoy

You know, it’s about time someone started making things that don’t encourage us to better ourselves. Hats off to Despair Inc. for allowing us not only to accept adulthood but to wallow in the ambitionless mire of it. The unattractive, disaffected models are a nice touch, and it’s good to know that their shirts aren’t “made in China by underfed children,” but by “shady and/or skanky-looking underfed 20-somethings who tend to like their shirts small and form-fitting.” Despair’s yearly demotivational calendars are great too, and they even allow you to design your own. Since every other company on earth profits from our lack of self-esteem, at least we know one company is up front about it. Via Make the Logo Bigger.

—Posted by David Kiefaber